Moulded cellulose

What is it ?

Moulded cellulose is a packing material primarily made from recycled paper and water. Some additives can be added to the paste to give specific characteristics to moulded cellulose such as moisture resistance, coloring, outstanding resistance to shocks…

Reduced impact on environment

Moulded cellulose is a material coming from biomass (100% natural fibres).Whether during its production process (Low consumption of natural resources and use of recycled fibres) or during its life cycle (non-polluting discharges in nature), this material is very eco-friendly.

Various applications


Food sector


Egg boxes, cup holders, fruits and vegetables trays, meat trays, bottle wedges.

Medical sector


Urinal basin.

Out of home catering


Food trays.

Industrial and cushioning packaging


Mobile phones, bulbs, personal hygiene products, electronics, food, padding, measuring instruments, shoetrees.

Food sector