Dedicated to B to B, Cellulopack is a new company which develops, manufactures and sells high density thermoformed packaging. Our raw material is recycled paper and cardboard. It only comes from pre-consumers industrial waste; we can guarantee its traceability. We do not need new fiber along our manufacturing process. Transforming used paper into molded cellulose allows unlimited life cycle. We use virgin pulp when needed: food packaging and medical range products for example.

A high-performance manufacturing process

The CELLULOPACK thermoformed process is made on modern machineries which offer a very high pressure during the two drying stages, this is achieved between two electrically heated molds, and this pressure compacts the pulp and thus very much increases the density of the material.

The thermoformed product is very rigid and resistant. High density molded paper offers a safer maintain even in case of chocks, vibrations or inclinations.

In many countries, this modern technology has rapidly replaced the conventionally/ traditional made products because of finished good quality appearance, its space saving in storage and transport and its ease of use at point of sales

  • High quality appearance : our thermoforming process offers an outstanding quality with a smooth surface finish. This minimizes the emission of paper particulates during manipulations at the point of use.
  • The neat design of the CELLULOPACK products contributes to the fame and brand image of your Company.
  • Perfect nesting and de-nesting ability : the surface quality of the products insures a perfect nesting, with less than 2 millimeters between 2 finished goods.The de-nesting is done instantly thus reducing the time at point of use or sale.
  • Storage and Transport savings : the CELLULOPACK packaging takes 50% less space than conventionally made cup product. This is a big advantage to reduce transportation and logistical costs.
  • Carbon foot print : this is becoming a major concern and our manufactured product, thanks to its high density, uses less material per item. Added to its storage and transport savings it will contribute to minimize your Carbon Foot print.

Environment friendly

Bio degradable and Compostable : the CELLULOPACK product ranges are fully bio degradable and compostable according to the EU 13342 norm.
We use a manufacturing process without any water waste.

We have established strong partnerships with local waste collection centers and local industry to provide raw materials. Thanks to related transportation savings, we minimize finished goods Carbon Foot prints.


« Cellulopack » is in touch with your needs

Cellulopack Company is fully dedicated to the successful completion of your project. We will work with you and will visit your factory in order to perfectly understand your specifications. We will make all efforts to find the best solution.


Our location

Our plant is in Castelsarrasin (82).